Our Rehearsal Rooms, each modeled after a different tech company's conference room, are a unique feature of our center. These rooms are exclusively reserved for those using the space to rehearse or present and cannot be reserved for any other purpose (such as meetings, studying, etc). Read more about their various features and our policies below, then email us at commlab@gatech.edu or drop by our front desk to make your booking. Looking to reserve a room after 5pm or on weekends? Visit the Library's website to book online.

Note: To ensure that all students have a chance to use the rooms, bookings are restricted to (2) 2-hour sessions per week during regular business hours. Students may book additional sessions on a walk-in basis if space is available.

IBM Room (Clough 441)

IBM Rehearsal Room

Room Information

Room 441 is modeled after IBM Conference Rooms from the 1990s and includes a standard conference table, projector, screen, and podium, and has video taping capabilities. Since 1990s conference rooms tended to be on the interiors of buildings, this room has no windows and low light levels. The most traditional of the rehearsal rooms, 441 is great for preparing for dissertation defenses or, as one student recently suggested, planning for world domination.

McKinsey Room (Clough 443)

McKinsey Room

Room Information

Room 443 features natural light and provides a space that mimics contemporary conference rooms. It features a standard conference table, projector, screen, and podium, and has video taping capabilities. If you are rehearsing for a presentation in a room that may have large windows, this is a good space to test how that may affect your presentation.

Google Room (Clough 450)

Google Rehearsal Room

Room Information

Room 450 is our most modern room, modeled after Google conference rooms, where participants often view presentations on their laptops rather than watching a central screen. While there is a large TV for slides and a podium at the front of the room, its most distinctive features are movable armchairs and small tables, which accompany a white board. With the most flexible layout of all our rooms, this room is ideal for brainstorming and presentations where your audience might be multitasking.

Ben and Jerry’s/Greenscreen Room (Clough 448)

Ben and Jerry's Rehearsal Room

Room Information

Room 448 is modeled after the Ben and Jerry’s conference room and features movable tables and chairs that can be grouped in various configurations. These tables and chairs share the space with our working green screen and a white board. Our smallest rehearsal room, the space also includes video taping capabilities. The green screen is popular for filming robotics, and the movable tables are ideal for breakout groups.