Melissa Ianetta is the Executive Director of Writing and Communication, the Class of 1958 Professor… more
Caitlin holds a MA from the University of Tennessee and a PhD from the University of Missouri, and h… more

Professional Consultants

Sarah holds a PhD from the University of Arizona. Her research and teaching specializations include… more
Courtney received her PhD in English Literature and graduate certificates in University Teaching and… more
Mike received his PhD in English from Emory University. His research focuses on postcolonial and glo… more
Jessica received her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition and a graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender,… more

Peer Consultants

Abbie is a trained peer tutor at the Naugle Communication Center and a third-year Literature, Media,… more
Alyssa is a trained undergrad peer consultant studying Literature, Media, and Communication. In the… more
Abby is a fourth-year undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) major, minoring in Chemi… more
Lily is a fourth year pursuing her B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communications with a concentratio… more
I am an undergraduate at Georgia Tech currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I work… more
Sam is a 4th-year Literature, Media, and Communication major. His primary interests are prose fictio… more
Savannah, a third-year student studying Literature and Communication, is able to assist with writing… more

Center Assistants

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I am a 3rd year Business Administration major with a concentration in Information Technology Managem… more